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2014-7-3 DWM desktop environment


DWM is minimalistic tiling manager it contain only few thousand lines of
code. It main idea is to be simple as possible and usable as possible.
It has only minimal features and if you want to extend it you need to
edit dwm C source config file or add some patches from dwm project
web page. You dont need to use mouse to use dwm all actions can be done
with keyboard.


Make dwm fork with some useful minimalistic stuff like dwmstatus
program that show system statuses. And allow to switch on/off dwm
patches with linux kernel menuconfig(without menuconfig everything
Next thing to add is some minimalistic screenlock, screensaver
and login. At then end there could be minimalistic "suckless" desktop
environment with all things needed. All parts are as separate
repositories and can be used independently.

[+]add temperature status
[+]add current CPU usage status
[+]add battery/AC status

dwm branch 6.0
[+] added pango patch
[+] added systemtray patch
[+] added pertag patch
[+] menuconfig support
[+] added time status
[+] added date status
[+] menuconfig support



dwmstatus-fancy-0.1.tar.gz105KiB dwm-fancy-0.1.tar.gz28KiB