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2014-3-5 Building OpenWRT for RTL8196C

In previous post there wasn't clearly described how to download
and compile sources for OpenWRT realtek release. Its not official
repository because not yet all things is updated with mainline
OpenWRT and not officially and OpenWRT port. To compile by your
self there is need to do some basic configuration of sources.

Getting sources

Fits of all need to get sources from git server.
There is some branches in git. But only one of them intended to
be used for non development purposes its "realtek-unstable"

git clone
cd ./rtl819xx/
git branch -a
git checkout realtek-unstable

Config in menuconfig

There is supported only compilation with binutils 2.21.1 and
gcc-4.6.x-linaro. Now you should setup that options with menuconfig.

make menuconfig

This options should be set in main menu:

Target System as (Realtek RTL8xxx)
Target Profile as (nprove)
Advanced configuration options (for developers) switch on

Now in Advanced configuration options set Toolchain Options
and there options for binutils and gcc as in image

Binutils Version as (binutils 2.21.1)
GCC compiler Version as (gcc 4.6.x with Linaro enhancements)

Last option to switch of is in main menu Network


It could take some time to compile image.

With some compiling output
make V=s

Without extra output

Compile in many threads
make -j8

Final image is inside bin/realtek


9 dec 2014
as main manager that was involved in this "nprove brand" router development
based on 8196c/d chip changed job he dont invloved anymore in this project
as it was. Also domain not belong to any who where involved
in this router development. Probably I can say that this try to port
realtek fake open source openwrt firmware to mainline openwrt is ended.
Also chanell on with main developer also can be
considered died. Also all this post now is for historical puropouses. If
someone interested i could try to get all this 8196c git repo sources and
put in archive. Maybe someone will continue development of 8196c chip
support for mainline openwrt not for fake-relatek-openwrt.

8 jan 2015
old repo from moved to

30 apr 2015
updated links